Hockey Fans, Ice Skating Enthusiasts, UGA Supporters:
To our great excitement an effort is under way to bring an ice rink to Athens, GA and with it UGA Hockey games! The UGA Hockey Foundation is working with a local group to bring ice hockey and other ice skating events to Athens, GA! The backing agent has asked that the exact location be withheld at this time, but we can say that it would be in Athens, GA in proximity to the UGA campus.

To help this effort move forward, we need your support. Simply reply to the below single survey question via Facebook, or click on the Facebook or webpage link below to reply to help bring an ice rink and hockey to Athens, GA! Easy, simple, quick. We need your reply asap, so please click now!

Survey Question:
If an ice rink was located in Athens, GA in proximity to the UGA campus, I would be interested in season tickets to UGA Hockey games, public ice skating, ice skating shows, and/or other ice rink related activities.

Survey Question Link

Facebook Link!/events/575267939162091/

Thank you for your reply and your support! Your interest will help bring the dream of an ice rink and UGA Hockey games to Athens! We hope to be able to share additional news about this exciting endeavor very soon!
-UGA Hockey Foundation